Women for sex in Jacksonville Oregon

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Vic Micolucci , I-Team reporter, anchor. He would also regularly pull a gun on her, according to the warrant. The details are disturbing and these are just a few allegations of sex trade from open cases in Jacksonville. The victims are male and female ranging in age from toddlers to adults. Being a father himself, he admits it takes a toll on him.

He said the enticement and opportunity for predators is more accessible than ever. Goodman said the predators often groom their victims with compliments, then companionship, money and often drugs and alcohol. It usually starts with a private message on a social media profile for an at-risk child. Do they have problems with their parents? Are they having problems at school? Are they putting themselves out there as sexually active? She said she trafficked in the 90s as a teenager and young adult, lured in by the promise of a job working promotions at biker and tattoo events across the country: dreams of good money and travel turned to a living nightmare.

She now works across the country to help people identify trafficking and to help victims break free. Her abuser was never arrested. Madison is now an educator for ElevateAcademy. The online conspiracy theorists claiming police and politicians are covering up widespread kidnappings and masks are helping it happen. Madison and Goodman said people who want to help should focus their attention on mentoring vulnerable kids, minimizing their risk online and giving them a stronger support system. Many of the local cases we looked at are still going through the legal system: The state attorney has been appointing specific prosecutors for these sex crimes.

And while they do that, the first line of defense is at home. And he is trafficking them to older men. Both Madison and Goodman said the pandemic is making the trafficking fight harder. If you are a human trafficking victim or have information about a potential trafficking situation, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center NHTRC at or text Lifetime Jacksonville resident anchors the 8 and 9 a.

Watch The 10 O'Clock News. Women held captive, sold as sex slaves in Jacksonville FBI, survivors working to educate about dangers. Vic Micolucci. Published: February 16, pm Updated: February 17, pm. Tags: Jacksonville. Duval County. Human trafficking. About the Author:.

Vic Micolucci Lifetime Jacksonville resident anchors the 8 and 9 a.

Women for sex in Jacksonville Oregon

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Women held captive, sold as sex slaves in Jacksonville